So what does ‘ḥalāl’ mean?

When someone reflects on the term ‘ḥalāl’, the first thing, most people automatically think of is ḥalāl meat. But the term ḥalāl extends beyond meat – it is the lifestyle as Islam is a way of life.

Halāl lifestyle does not have to be boring and dull. It can be appealing especially for the Muslim youth to embrace the ḥalāl way of life – for those who want to lead a ḥalāl savvy  lifestyle.

Furthermore, ḥalāl lifestyle is not just for Muslims, it is for non-Muslims too who value the lifestyle. In fact, many non-Muslims find ḥalāl products appealing due to its ethical nature and values.  It is like this: Some prefer to eat organic and healthy food, or those who like to buy social-conscious products, then there are those who want to lead an ethically-conscious lifestyle i.e. ḥalāl.

In a nut-shell, ḥalāl means permissible according to Islam, but there is much more to it. Halāl products are those that are good, ethical, wholesome, healthy, and nutritious. Halāl lifestyle can include food, fashion, tourism, services industry, supply chain, sustainable environment, etc. The ḥalāl products should be ethically-sourced and produced, cruelty-free, vegan, vegetarian, or organic. Apart from religious reasons, it is a value – ethical value which is good for us, especially at an era when food is no longer nutritious, animals are treated with cruelty, banks are enslaving people with credit and riba (interest/usury), etc.

Dr. Thamina Anwar

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